DS 1911 Full Face Snorkeling Mask

DS Full Face Snorkeling Mask Yellow
DS Full Face Snorkeling Mask White
DS Full Face Snorkeling Mask Blue


Product Name DS1911 Full Face Snorkeling Mask
Application Essential for swimming lover, also suit for the swimming learner
Material Medical food grade silica gel without any side effects
Internal Material Liquid medical food grade silica gel
Equipped Complimentary waterproof earplugs for swimming
Colors Base colors yellow, deep blue, white. The color can be customized according to your needs.
Size L/XL  S/M
Washing Way Clean the mask with detergent after use to keep the mask’s vision clean and to ensure the ventilation function is normal to prevent fog
Storage Leave to try after cleaning
Packing 10pcs/carton
Carton Size 56*38*30cm(22.1*15*12in)
Capacity 80000 pieces per month
DS1911 Full Face Snorkeling Mask Details Design

1, Fully dry breathing pipe head design with floating ball

2, Airway

3, The bracket to install GoPro camera

4, Superwide  vision PC lens

5, Medical food grade silica gel skirt

6, Adjustable and elastic band

7,  ABS & PC frame

8, Air passage valve

9, Drain valve

Part 1, Fully dry breathing air pipe head with floating ball

The professional Fully dry breathing pipe head design with a waterproof system. Built-in Floating Ball to control breathing smoothly

The sealing mask pipe head designed to prevent breathing pipe from small waves entering it.

  • Functions of floating beads

a, When the tube head is completely into the seawater, due to the buoyancy, the floating bead moves up and completely blocking the air vents so that preventing breathing tube from seawater entering. Users need to keep holding breath until the tube head out water.

b, When the head of the tube is above the sea surface, the bead down due to gravity and the airway opened, then just breathe freely.

Dry top
Dry top

Part 2, Airway

  • Three air pipes, air in & out independently, no exhaled air left. Exhaust fan principle design to realize anti-fog effective
Airway shows
  • Air pipe can be taken off, convenient to carry.
Unloaded air pipe

Part 3, Bracket to install the GoPro camera – two type optional

a, The bracket is fixed on mask frame

Fixed mount
Fixed mount

b, The bracket can be installed freely and taken off

installed freely and taken off
installed freely and taken off
how to install the GoPro camera

Part 4, Superwide vision PC lens

Our Snorkel full face mask is with 180°wide field. HD Transmittance PC material with anti-fog technology.

The PC material is import from Bayer Makrolen Germany with a great definition.

  • PC LENS with high strength, tensile strength 69MPa, 96MPa flexural strength, known as “transparent metal”
  • PC LENS with high-temperature resistance, withstand 130 degrees Celsius temperature environment
panoramic vision

Part 5, Silica gel skirt

Medical food grade liquid silicone face skirt with ergonomic design offer the excellent fitting and comfortable feeling

Silica gel skirt

Part 6, Inhale & Exhale valve

Performance of silicone rubber sealing ring:
● First seal, waterproof seal,
● Strong toughness, High elastic,Environmentally friendly and odor-free,
● Heat & cold resistance, no deformation, no toxic substances, operating temperature “-55°~250°”
● Resistant to oxidation, aging resistance, no yellowing, no fading,
● Electrical resistance.

Air Valve

Part 9, Porous safe drain valves drain Valve

The drain valve used to drain water when up water surface (although we have designed many parts to prevent the water getting in, in a few cases, there is little water get in but no effect on use), raise the head and drain water out. The main functional parts are a sealing valve and external accessory of the mouth

Drain valve


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