DS 1915 Series Full Face Snorkeling Mask – Ant King

DS1915 Full Face Snorkeling Mask Orange and Black
DS1915 Full Face Snorkeling Mask Blue and Black
DS1915 Full Face Snorkeling Mask Pink and White


  • Respiratory system:
    Our DS 1915 full face snorkeling mask one-way (outer) circulatory breathing snorkeling mask mechanically separates exhalation and inhalation, inhalation from the double breathing tube, exhaled carbon dioxide and the remaining oxygen that is not drawn into the body, respectively outflow outside the mask, thereby isolating the accident that carbon dioxide enters the human body and causes danger to life.
  • (Outside) Circulating natural breathing
    Darwin snorkeling masks allow you to breathe through the nose or mouth in the water. Breathing is smooth, (independent exhaust check valve ensures no exhaust gas left, sufficient oxygen.) We think this can help you focus on the fun of snorkeling.
  • Leakproof
    The silicone pad is durable and provides a comfortable waterproof seal, no water leakage, and three waterproof mechanisms for safer wear. (The frame of the I-shaped waterproof, the exhalation tube spiral 50 degrees waterproof, the exhaust pipe uses a deep dive special check valve feature the high waterproofing) easy to discharge water. Escort your snorkeling trip.
  • Anti-fogging
    The latest design of snorkeling mask anti-fog film: can last up to 15,000 hours of anti-fog effect, and there is no fog to hinder the exploration of the underwater world
  • 180° wonderful sea view
    You will see more beautiful scenery than ever before. The well-designed and improved DARWIN mirror gives you excellent distortion-free visibility and maximum visibility.
comprehensive function show

Comprehensive Function Show

Respiratory Systems

Respiratory Systems

DS-Double-Tuble-Full-Face-Snorkel-Mask Adjustable Tube

Adjustable Air Tube


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