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Product Name  Life Vest
Size Adult: 650*450mm     Child: 510*400mm
Weight Adult 250g                  Child: 210g
Material Durable canvas material, Composite storey strength PVC membrane, Plastic blow valve, Polyester coated sideband
Accessories Plastic buckle, Plastic connect buckle, Polyester ribbon


  • Fast inflation & deflation: ordinarily it only need 15 seconds fully inflated The life vest with your Mouth. When start getting tired, inflated it, keep you floating for a rest. Deflated the vest then you can dive down. So convenient for snorkeling. 

  • Material: outer fayer of durable canvas material, the composite Storey strength PVC membrane, comfortable and enjoyable, The bright colors provide excellent visibility, give you best experience while swimming.

  • Make snorkeling much easier: This inflatable vest provides enough buoyancy while snorkeling, give you more confidence to explore in the water, both great for learners and good swimmer.

  • Lightweight & easy to pack: when deflated, just a book size, would not take up your luggage space, net bag easy for you store and you no long pay the expensive rent price for life vest

  • Adjustable waist & crotch straps: adjust the length through the buckle according to your weight and height, Keep you in peace while snorkeling, usually, this inflatable life vest suitable for 80-220 lbs

  • Comfortable Wearing: Ergonomic pullover life jacket design,perfectly fits the body,high strength woven belt help fixation and has no effect on the movement. It’s a safety essential for diving, swimming, surfing, boating and other water sports.


DS snorkeling vest for child

Designed for Snorkeling:
In contrast to life vests meant to keep your head above water, our vest enables you to swim smoothly with your head in the water. It keeps you buoyant longer for a safe and enjoyable experience – without worry of surprise riptides or fatigue.

Clever Inflation Mouthpiece:
With an easy-to-access oral inflation tube you can adjust your level in the water even while you’re wearing the vest. Add more air to lift yourself higher above the waterline or deflate to get closer to the beauty beneath the ocean’s surface.

DS snorkeling vest for children

Adjustable to Perfect Fit:
Keep your vest where you want it with simple adjustable body straps. Located at the waist and crotch areas they ensure a perfect fit every time ,so that your vest doesn’t slip or ride up while you scout for coral reefs bright fish or sunken ships.

Simpler Smarter Design:
With a smooth over-the-neck design that allows for comfortable movement you can slip in an out of your vest with ease. This makes it perfect for both exploring what’s under the shimmering tide as well as for relaxingly floating on your back

DS life vest for adult

Convenient Tube:
Ordinarily it only need 15 seconds fully inflated the snorkel vest with your mouth.With an easy-to-access inflation tube you can inflatable the vest even you wear that

DS play with the life vest
DS life vest for child
DS snorkeling vest for child
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